FootBall tournament

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FootBall tournament

Post by greenworld » Thu Feb 08, 2018 12:17 pm

FootBall Tournament
Immortals2 Announces a New event name FootBall Fiesta at 2nd saturday GMT 15:00 every month

Rules are simple
4 Players from each kingdom of 2 sets so total 8 players will be selected from each kingdom
RED - 4 Players x 2 ( 8 players)
YELLOW - 4 Players x 2 ( 8 players)
BLUE - 4 Players x 2 ( 8 players)
Out of this 24 players
there will regular match where the team which achieves 3 GOAL is the winner
Will be Semi Final and Final rounds
Final Winners get 5 Points in Immortals Ranks.
Their name will be put in TOP 10 Immortals In website
That kingdom gets 750% exp bonus 250% item and gold bonus for 2 days.
So why are you waiting for register yourself contacting ingame Staffs with your name and kingdom


Immortals2 Team
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