NPC Shin Maps: Metins & Drops

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NPC Shin Maps: Metins & Drops

Post by greenworld » Thu Nov 22, 2018 12:05 pm

This is a list of all the metins in the high lvl maps that you can enter from the NPC “Shin” which is located in map1 of each nation.
You need to be a certain lvl to enter each map.

The list below contains all maps' names and minimum lvl needed to enter, all the bosses that exist on each map along with the boss’s lvl and name, all the specific drops that each boss gives and all the drops that they all drop.

Farm map - lvl 100+
Metin of Gloom - lvl 100
Posible Drops:Blue dragon steel, red dragon steel,purple dragon steel,emerald decoartion, saphire decoration,red fabic,violet fabric,ametist engraving knife,ruby engraving knife, gold buckle,silver clasp,bronze clasp, grand epaulette, gold clasp, golden hook, emerald keyI,jewlerry element,herbs, stones, helms lvl 60 , helms lvl 80, weapons lvl 61, weapons lvl 75, armours lvl 66,shileds lvl 60, expring, piece of cristal,Crystal,empty botle,thief's gloves, hexagonal treasure box,clam,giant spider box,farming sucssesor,farming script,passage ticket
Vein of Emerald Ore

Farm map - lvl 125+
Metin of Ember - lvl 125
Posible Drops:Red Dragon Steel,Purple Dragon steel,Saphire Engraving knife,ametist engraving knife,Hexagonal Treasure chest,Garnet acssesoryes,helmets lvl 60, helmets lvl 80, Giant spider box,chain link,ring element,water stone,emerald decoartions,ruby decorations, herbs, stones,weapons lvl 75,red fabric,violet fabric,golden fabric,silver clasp,bronze clasp,clam,shields lvl 61,
Vein of Saphire ore

Farm map -lvl 150+
Metin of Vanity - lvl 150
Posible Drops:Gold yarn, exp ring,Heaven's tear acsessoryes +7, helms lvl 60, helms lvl 80, weapons lvl 75,stones, herbs,violet fabric,Grand epaulette, red fabric,Gold clasp,Energy Fragments,Golden hook,bronze clasp, Giant spider box, Haxagonal treasure chest, chain link, vlue dragon steal, ring element,sapphire engraving knife,Ametyst engraving knife,Ruby Engraving knife, emerald decorations, clam,ruby decoration,red dragon steel
Vein of ruby ore

Farm map - lvl 175+
Metin of Wrath- lvl 175
Posible Drops:exp ring, stones , herbs, armours lvl 66, weapons lvl 75, helms lvl 60, helms lvl 80,hexagonal treasure box, giant spider box,red fabric,amethyst engraving knife,grand epaulette,bronze clasp,nobleepaulette,gold yarnruby decoration,antique epaulette,gold buckle,golden hooksapphire engraving knife,sapphire decoration,blessing scroll
Vein of saphire ore

Farm map - lvl 200+
Metin of Malice
Posible drops:exp ring,thief's gloves,stones, herbs, helms lvl 60, helms lvl 80, weapons lvl 75, armours lvl 66,gold fabric,violet fabric,red fabric,gold chain,gold buckle,jewellery element,energy fragment,grand epaulette,blue dragon steal, ruby decoration,ruby engraving knife,ametyst engraving knife, gold clasp , silver clasp,purple herb, blue herb,giant spider box, hexagonal treasure box
Vein of Emerald ore

Farm map - lvl 225+
Metin of Calamity - lvl 240
Posible drops:hexagonal treasure box,stones,blood stone,green herb,folissilised tear,red herb,haloweed tree gum, red hell quartz
Vein of Garnet ore

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