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Final Gold Frog Update 5-04-2018

Posted: Sun May 06, 2018 5:03 am
by [TGM]Lilly
We have had some issues with the Golden Frog, on its map people were killing others to take their Vouchers, and when it was moved into the Dragon room it had a global cool down which we could not change and started crashing maps. The frog was removed for a few days until the staff and players decided the best place for the frog would be inside other dungeons!

From now on the Golden Frog (which drops 500 DC) Is in the boss room of 2 dungeons; Razador and Nemere! Once you complete all tasks in the dungeons, you will be teleported to the boss room and have a chance at the gold frog.

REMEMBER You must kill the frog BEFORE you kill the boss, or you will not be able to kill the frog.

Good Luck and Happy Farming, I hope you are all happy with this change!!

Regards Lilly <3